Animal Reiki

There are numerous videos out there to watch on Reiki, but what I love about this video, is the Reiki practitioner is providing a healing space for a vibrant and curious Pitbull who had been recovering from emaciation and maybe numerous other emotional and physical afflictions. At first, the dog had some extra energy to disperse, as this appeared to be their first meeting and everyone’s excited. As time passes, we can see that the dog begins to relax and notices something special, energetically. 


What the viewer and non-practitioner cannot see or experience is the warmth of the air (aura, energy field) around her palms. A Reiki practitioner’s palms will emanate with energy. We call this Byosen. There are five levels of byosen a Reiki practitioner and patient or client can experience during a Reiki treatment. An energetic sensation that flows through the palms. As if a faucet was turned on and the water flows through pipes. We (our Reiki practitioner palms) are the pipes, the Reiki energy is the water. You are the one turning the facet on. Or in this case, the dog. 


As time elapsed, the dog began to embrace the energy and began to relax, yawn, and absorb all the energy flowing. The hands most likely got quite hot or possibly tingling, or even a suckling feeling in her palms as she held her hands on him as he became even more relaxed. It does seem the more deeply relaxed a receiver is, the more sensations can be felt being absorbed.

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