Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that uses a light touch or no-touch methods to help balance the body’s energy centers. Some folks call it chakras, prana, chi, or Universal Life-Force Energy (ULFE). The daily buildup of stress anxiety, pain, illness, etc. can have emotional and physical effects on our overall wellbeing. A Reiki treatment assists in relaxation, destressing, balancing your energies, helping heal emotional and physical traumas and pains. Reiki helps heal current or old injuries, wounds from childhood that you didn’t know you were carrying around with you today. It can aid you in healthier lifestyle choices that need to be made. For rejuvenation, rest, health, or for any reason.



Reiki should NOT be used in place of professional medical advice or treatments. Reiki can be used as a spiritual tool to build upon or be treated as a secular experience, as there are no religious beliefs to convert to receive Reiki energy treatments. More and more hospitals today are incorporating Reiki practitioners into their facilities by offering their patients a private opportunity to receive treatment during their stay in the hospital. Some insurance companies cover Reiki treatments as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).



Animals and plants of all species also enjoy the benefits of Reiki, too.  After all, it is a Universal Life Force Energy. I give my animals Reiki and I can energetically feel when they may need treatment. We all are natural-born healers of our bodies. Humans and animals, alike. Some just need a reminder of what their bodies are meant to do. Heal! You are the one who is the healer. Reiki’s Universal Life Force Energy is simply a beautiful energetic tool and experience to help guide you back to your healthiest and happiest you.