What is Reiki?

The secret art of inviting happiness; The miraculous medicine of all diseases.

Just for today, do not anger.

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.

Devote yourself to your work.

Be kind to people.

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth.

-Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind

Quite simply, Reiki is an experience to be had. It is an energy healing treatment that helps balance your emotional, spiritual, and physical body by working with the Universal Life-force Energy using light-touch or even no-touch relaxation techniques. You don’t have to be in pain to enjoy the benefits of Reiki treatments. Simply de-stressing and relieving any anxiety is a great way to prevent illnesses and Reiki offers a great opportunity to do just that. Bringing focus and balance to your energetic body helps you to combat illnesses and diseases, allowing your body to what it naturally knows how to do. Heal! 


Reiki does not intrude, impede, or replace any medical treatment you may currently have with your medical doctors or team. It also doesn’t interfere with any religious path one may be on. It is a simple energy healing treatment that requires only your consent to receive a beautiful, relaxing, and healing experience. And, it can all be done in the comfort of your home, in an office, outdoors, or wherever you feel comfortable.