Missouri Reiki Page


On my trip to Japan, I visited Usui's grave, Mt Kurama and some other spots. The whole trip was a powerful experience with many unexpected happenings.

From a formal level, I learned more that Usui's outlook was very different from ours, and that Takata made lots of changes. But also for the first time, I understood why she did that and why still the Japanese Reiki community is so remote.

From a more fundamental level, I passed through an attunement like transformation which still is changing my energy and mental level.

This Reiki bearing photograph I share with you. It was taken on Mt. Kurama near a spot which still has a live 21 day retreat tradition. I was sending Reiki for global and personal evolution, health and prosperity and you can feel it!

Also I send it as an interactive tool and you can participate in its impact. Make a wish, and you will feel a change of energy flow; after a few minutes you will be transformed, and your wish will come true. Your impact is the only "root of Reiki" and I think the best gift...

Ninoslav Safaric
Reiki Master/Teacher